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Floyd Chapel Baptist Church

In the late 1920's, Floyd Chapel Baptist church was a wood framed church that had steep plank steps facing the east. There were oil lamps hanging on each side of the wall, a coal heater, wooden floors and bathroom facilities located outside. During those times the shepherd of Floyd Chapel Baptist Church was Reverend Sanders. The accompanying ministerial staff was Reverend Collins and Reverend Brown. The appointed Deacons were Deacon Knight, Minter, Darton, Pittman, Walker, Murray, Williams, and Gordon.


In 1949, under the leadership of Reverend R. B. Thomas, a new church was built. The old wood frame building was torn down and the church was erected with the existing blocks. The structure was then turned to face First Street. Carpet was installed and the wood benches were placed. These benches also served as dinner tables when dinner was to be served.


In 1990, Our current presiding Pastor the dynamic Reverend Edward C. Cochran, Sr., was installed as leader of the Floyd Chapel Baptist Church flock. The active Deacons at this time were Deacon G. Franks, H. Franks and Edmond. There were also approximately 12 active members during this time.


Since 1990 there has been many new and exciting changes that have been implemented under the guidance of Pastor E. C. Cochran. Our members have grown from 12 active members to over 200 active members. Our ministerial staff has grown to include 11 associates. Pastor Cochran has licensed 9 ministers and has ordained 12 Deacons.


In May of 1996, ground was broken on our new fellowship hall. In 1997, our new fellowship hall was completed and later named "Floyd Chapel Baptist Church Memorial Hall" in honor of our deceased members who departed life prior to completion of this dream. We purchased the vacant house and land located at 106 First St in June of 1998. In March of 1999, we purchased the land located at the corner of Berry and First St, along with a 25 passenger bus. In March 2012, we purchased the vacant house and land located at 111 First St.


In December of 2008, Pastor E. C. Cochran appointed Reverend Katina Erewa as not only the first female Pastor but the first Assistant Pastor.


In March 2011, Henry County recognized Floyd Chapel Baptist Church for her important role and historical history in this county and in black history.


In 2013, Pastor Edward C. Cochran, Sr. was elected as the President of the Henry County Ministerial Alliance. We are growing in every aspect of the word both spiritually and physically


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